Corporate Info

Since our establishment in 1989, we at ITC-DIRECT, have been totally commited to the production and marketing of high quality data communication products for the Canadian and international markets.

To help service our customers better, Instacable has organized its operations in 3 different divisions:

- ITC Direct Distribution (Wires, Cables, Connectors & Accessories)
- Importing (OEM, ODM)
- Manufacturing (Cables Assembled & Harnessing)

With a complete spectrum of products and services, and the highest level of technical expertise, you can trust Instacable to be your 'one-stop service' company.

Help Save the Planet

We at ITC-DIRECT, help save the planet by using the minimum required for packaging products, plastic bag unprinted, brown box without screen printing, bulk packaging and recycled box for shipments. Our factory gets all manufacturing waste (copper and metal) to send in RECYCLING plants.

Distribution and Imported Products

We at ITC-DIRECT are partnered with factories in Taiwan and China, in order to offer our customers a high volume production at very attractive prices. We will work hard to satisfy all your requirement, from standard product manufacturing, to new product design and development.

Manufactured Products

Instacable specializes in manufacturing a wide range of cable assemblies for the industry:

- C/UL Registration ( Communiction Cables, Wire Process, Wire and Cables Harness )
- CSA Registration
- RoHS Compliant
- IPC Compliant
- Reach Compliant
- Lead Free

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