Network Cable Tester LCD Tracker, 4 in 1 PoE

NF-8209 Network Cable Tester LCD Wire Tracker Network Tool Scan Cable Wiremap Tester CAT5 CAT6 Cable Length Measurement, PoE Testing, NCV Function

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Network Cable Tester LCD Tracker, 4 in 1 PoE Tester with NCV & Lamp

Your excellent helper in cable test + probe. 

  • Continuity testing
  • Length measurement
  • Cable scan
  • PoE testing
  • Port flash

Cable length testing accuracy can be up to 98% and 200 meters. Kind reminds when measuring cable length.

  1. The cable to be tested must be de-energized.
  2. Disconnect the cable at the far end, no remote, no other devices connected!
  3. The range must be 2.5m-200m, otherwise, it would be display 0 meter.

Port Flash

Connect cable to "Length/Flash" port on the transmitter, then choose "Flash" function on the main menu to start testing, the port on the router (or switch) and the indicator on the "Length/Flash" port will flash.

If there is a port whose flash frequency is name as the "Length/Flash" port on transmitter, the frequency is around 3 secs, also the other ports are flashing more quickly, then you can easily identify it is your target port.

Continuity Testing

CONT-Test open, short, cross, etc... for STP, UTP cable
Connect one end of cable to "CONT' port of transmitter on the left side, the other end to the RJ45 port of remote, Press "OK" to start testing.